A Logo is a graphic representation of your business or product, and can be viewed as your first opportunity to impress someone enough to want to learn more about you. If you are promoting a PRODUCT, then Branding becomes extremely important. The faster your Brand becomes familiar, the better. The fastest way to establish Brand is with a Logo. 

To enhance recognisability of their brand

A couple of other reasons beside the good ones above: Practicality - from the hood ornament on a car to the symbol on an appliance, it's a lot easier to place a relatively small logo instead of a large corporate name Eye-catching factor - humans are basically symbol users. A colorful logo tends to grab attention easier than text.

In the past, logos were only used by large corporations. These days though, it has almost become common practice for even the smallest of businesses to have a logo designed when they start out. Below are some of the reasons why a logo is so important to companies of all sizes in today’s marketplace. Blossom is best logo design service provider company in India. We have professional logo designer.

Brand Establishment

A brand is much more than a logo design, even though a logo makes up an important part of a business’s brand. You want your company to eventually become a visual representation of everything good that your company represents. Existing customers should be able to immediately associate your logo with experiences that they have had with your company in the past and new customers should also be drawn to the brand by its reputation.

Customer Behavior

Customers often behave irrationally in ways that marketers sometimes don’t expect. When customers are making buying decisions they sometimes place irrational value on items due to the fact that they are famous brands. You only have to look at the fashion industry to realize that customers will sometimes pay five times the price for one product, which is essentially the same as another product just because of a famous logo and the reputation and image that the logo in question has built up. A great logo gives you the ability to more easily sell your goods and services and to command a premium price for them. The value that consumers place on brands seems to be increasing.

Good First Impressions

A logo is usually the first part of a business that customers come into contact with and can thus influence the action that they will take. Will they phone you or the business with the more attractive logo?