Email marketing

Email marketing is a type of communication between a organization and its existing / potential future contacts.It is a new step in the process of promoting new products, urgent sales, attractive offers and amazing discounts.It is a tool that gives advertiser direct contact with the target-group through the means of electronic mail.Thus, every email which contains any kind of advertisement information sent to a potential client could be considered Email marketing.
Bulk email service provider in India Blossom Publications, resolves your all problems of related to charges on sending Email. We deliver Email marketing services those are suits your requirements and give best email marketing solutions to our customer. Bulk email marketing is one of the best part of digital marketing.

Why Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase exposure for their products or services. It is a very cost effective and time efficient way of communication. It generates higher response over traditional direct mailer campaign. Above all it increases conversion rate by including direct links to your website or link to a landing page seeking additional information of the clients.

Advantages of Email Marketing?

Ability to spread information to wide range of specific, potential customers Compared to other media options like direct mailer or printed newsletters, email marketing less expensive Delivery time for Email marketing is short (seconds/minutes) Advertiser can push the message to his targeted audience as against website advertiser where advertiser depends on the user to visit the website Advertiser can reach large database of email subscribers Advertiser can generate repeat business - affordable and immediate Email messages are easy to track through responses, read receipts, click through, unsubscribe requests, bounce messages Email marketing is paper free

Email Marketing & Infomedia

Infrastructure / Technology

Database Management

Cyber law compliance

Tracking & Reports

Infrastructure / Technology

We have white listed servers ensuring 100% delivery of the mailer to client’s Inbox Usage of latest Technology ensuring delivery to client’s Inbox and not treated as Spam message

Tracking & Reports

Reports are available to keep tab on every rupee you spent through different types of reports:

Click to open rate (nos. of clicks/total emails sent) Click through rate – getting linked to the next or landing page Response count – information submitted by client from a landing page Unsubscribe rate Website actions (number of visits to a website)