Hosting Services

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What is a hosted service?

Hosting service is the basic requirement for any organization those who want to create their own websites or in migrating their website.

Host your website with amazing hosting services at Blossom Publication.

What we are?

Blossom publication is the right place for hosting your website. Our professional are well qualified and expert in providing hosting service which enable you to create a website on your own or switch the website which have already created.

Our offering includes:

We offer both shared web hosting services as well as Dedicated web hosting service . web hosted service is available as per your requirement and business need. Our hosting solution is based on your business need depends on your size of operation.

What we provide?

Sharing web hosted service
Here, we reserve the space in combined server and charge as per the daily usage.

Dedicated web Hosting Services
We offer hosting services to a particular client who affords to hire or leased a single server on his own and can manage and control the same.

Virtual private server service
We make available the resources in a different server and user can manage the control of the server.

Our amazing features include

Great storage capacity

User enjoy great storage capacity not only for web hosted services, but also for file, images and emails hosted services..

Core function

You can run hosted service in any programming language including PHP, .net or Java. Our professional are well quilified and trained guys and familiar with software and hardware tool and technology.

Privacy and security

We would like to convey to you that our web hosted service is well structured by using a licence such as privacy and security which reduce the risk of data or file theft. Our security policy ensure you virus free environment.

Network connectivity

We usually provide consumer grade broadband connection to host service without any interruption.